Child nutrition | Weaning baby | Baby's' health | Healthy food for babies| Dr. Waseem

Child nutrition | Weaning baby | Baby's' health | Healthy food for babies| Dr. Waseem

The basics of nutrition are essential to learn for taking care of your child’s health. Dr. Waseem discusses the importance of breastfeeding and children’s dietary requirements in this video.

What is weaning? After a few month’s of child’s birth, he/she must be introduced to adult food to develop the taste buds. This process is called weaning. It is advised to slowly switch to semi solid food for a 5-6 months old baby, like custard, kheer, cerelac, etc., along with mother’s milk.

Solid food for babies: Mostly, babies start controlling their head movement at the age of 5 months. You should then introduce them to solid food as it also helps in teeth and taste development.

Healthy fat for babies: Healthy fat can be given in the form of desi ghee, butter, yogurt, milk, etc.

Apart from that, lactating mothers must include supplements like calcium, vitamin D, and fatty acids in their diet. It is important for their health as well as to fulfill the baby’s nutritional needs.

Health tips for kids:
-Serve food in colorful plates and creative shapes to catch your child’s attention.
-Go creative with the food. Create new and different dishes with vegetables and meat.
-Trick kids into eating more vegetables and meat by adding it to pizzas and sandwiches, etc.
-Avoid glucose and fructose rich food like biscuits, etc. to improve your child’s health. Give them a bone to chew while they are developing their teeth.
-Feed raw vegetables like carrots instead of teethers for teeth development.

Weaning baby | Baby’s’ health | Healthy food for babies| Dr. Waseem

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