School Health Services / School Health Programme – Part:I / Community Health Nursing – Simplified.

School Health Services / School Health Programme – Part:I / Community Health Nursing – Simplified.

I. Introduction
School health is an important branch of Community Health.
The school health services is a personal health service and It is an economical and powerful means of raising Community Health.
II. Historical Development
1909- First medical examination of school children – Baroda city.
1946 – Bhore Committee Report – Under developed school health services.
1953 – The Secondary Education Committee emphasized the need. 1
1960 – Constitution of School Health Committee by Govt. of India.
1961 – School Health Committee Report – Recommendations
III. Definition of School Health
School health – it refers to the “state of complete physical , mental, spiritual wellb ing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity among pupil, teachers and other health personnel”. (K. K Gulani)

Definition of School Health Services / Programme.

• School Health Service refers to “Need based comprehensive services rendered to pupil , teachers and other personnel in the school to promote and protect their health, prevent and control disease and maintain their health.” (K.K Gulani)

a. It is an integral part of Community Health
b. It can be a powerful influence for shaping health behavior
c. School health service is a personal health service.

V. Need / Importance of School Health services.
1. Vital / Substantial segment of population
2. Large population. (30% or 1/4th)
3. Period of growth and development
4. Group living / Group life.
5. Controlled population / Easy implementation
6. Early detection
7. Educational opportunity

Aims of SH Services
The ultimate aim of school health services is:
Promotion of health
Protection from diseases
Maintenance of Health
Reduction of morbidity and mortality

1. Promotion of positive health
2. Prevention of diseases
3. Early diagnosis, treatment and follow up of defects
4. Awakening health consciousness
5. Provision of healthful environment
6. Make constructive and productive use of co- curricular and extra curricular activities .

VIII. Principles of School Health Services
1. Based on the need
.2. Planned in advance
.3. The part of community health services
4. Emphasize on prevention and promotion.
5. Emphasize on learning through active participation
6. On going and continuous programme
7. Effective system of recording and reporting

IX. Health Problems in School children
1. Malnutrition
2. G. I. Problems
3. Skin Diseases
4. Eye diseases
5. Ear Discharge
6. Respiratory Problems.
7. Dental Problems
8. Communicable Diseases

X. School Health Team
1. School HM
2. Teachers
3. Parents
4. Student representatives
5. Local Community people
6. Auxiliary Health workers
7. School Health Nurse / Community Health Nurse
8. Medical Officer.

XI. Role and Functions of community health nurse
1. Identification of schools available in area
2. Preparation of tentative plan
3. Submission of plan of action
4. Ensure supplies of vaccine and drugs
5. Prior permission from authority
6. Screening of children
7. Treatment of minor ailments
8. Immunization and health education
9. Supervision of mid day meal
10. Referral services and follow up
11. Formation of Health committee
12. Recording and submission of school health records

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