21 foods to increase weight and height

21 foods to increase weight and height

We have given details of 21 superfoods to increase the weight and height of your child. We have mentioned the important nutritional facts including Calories, fat content, protein and mineral content of each and every item. So, do watch the video Completely to get the complete information.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – 1.Whole Milk
00:55 – 2.Yoghurt/Curd
01:20 – 3.Tofu/Paneer
01:48 – 4.Jaggery
02:18 – 5.Honey
03:04 – 6.Dry Fruits
03:39 – 7.Peanut Butter
04:19 – 8.Oatmeal
04:45 – 9.Beans & Lentils
05:13 – 10.Olive Oil
05:36 – 11.Banana
06:13 – 12.Avocado
06:46 – 13.Hummus
07:15 – 14.Cheese/Ghee
07:47 – 15.Sweet Potato
08:20 – 16.Smoothies
08:56 – 17.Seasonal Fruits
09:25 – 18.Vegetables
09:55 – 19.Eggs
10:42 – 20.Poultry
11:21 – 21.Salmon
12:01 – Foods to avoid
12:41 – Share and Subscribe

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