How These Videos Actually Impact Child Development

How These Videos Actually Impact Child Development

There are lots of videos online promising to help your little one with language development and helping them learn to talk. But do they actually work?

In this video I’ll walk you through what the research says about using videos like these as a tool for developing language skills and how they impact development in a broader sense.

To be clear, I’m not saying Ms. Rachel videos are ‘bad’ or harmful. This is simply a look at what the evidence has to say about whether or not video content actually helps children learn language and/or assists with development.

I hope you find this one helpful!

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This is also a very well-written article by Dr. Cara Goodwin PhD (Child Psychologist) on the topic. If you’re looking for additional reading that references a lot of research and dissects it into a more digestible format this is well worth a read:

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00:00 – 03:54 : Can babies and toddlers learn to talk by watching screens?
03:55 – 06:40 : Do this to reduce the negative impact of screens for children 2 years +

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