How to Encourage Your Child to Make Healthy Food Choices

How to Encourage Your Child to Make Healthy Food Choices

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Snacks and sugary foods are ubiquitous temptations. Encourage your child to make healthy food choices by getting the whole family involved.

Step 1: Provide balanced diet
Provide healthy food choices that will give your child the nutrients necessary for growth and development such as protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Step 2: Lead by example
Inspire your kids to eat healthily through your own willpower. Explain to them why exercising and eating healthy foods are important to you.

Step 3: Cut snacks
Cut up healthy snacks such as carrots, celery, and melon and put them in baggies in the refrigerator. These are great snacks for kids on the go.

Pack an extra snack in your child’s backpack or lunchbox to help them avoid temptations at the vending machine.

Step 4: Read labels
Teach your child how to read food labels, which provide calorie counts, serving sizes, and other nutritional facts.

Step 5: Avoid sugary drinks
Avoid serving soft drinks, energy drinks, and juices that contain caffeine, added sugar, and artificial flavoring. Offer healthy choices such as milk or water.

Step 6: Cook together
Involve your child in planning, selecting, and cooking meals. They will learn about all the healthy ingredients that go in their food.

Step 7: Eat together
Enjoy family meals on a regular basis. This is a great time to talk about your day.

Did You Know?
A 12 ounce can of soft drink contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.

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