Why is junk food unhealthy? – Ask Coley – Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

Why is junk food unhealthy? – Ask Coley – Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

https://mocomi.com/ presents: Why is junk food unhealthy?

Bumbley – A dollop of ice-cream, a piece of chocolate, pizza, macaroni and cheese! Ooh how I love fooood.
Coley – That is not food. That is junk food! And you know that junk food is unhealthy, right?
Bumbley – I know, I know. But why? I mean how can something that tastes so good, be so bad for us?
Coley – It is quite simple Bumbley. We need food to supply us with nutrients. Nutrients which are used to build our body and fuel it.
Bumbley– Why can’t junk food do that for us?
Coley – Because junk food doesn’t have enough nutrients in it. It does not give you energy to play or stay strong.
Bumbley – I don’t mind not playing if I can have an extra burger. (One burger eating another burger and burping)
Coley – Really? No play for a burger?
Bumbley – Actually, I won’t mind both. Play and junk food (Burger trying to balance itself on a ball)
Coley – You can have both. You can have your burger if you eat fruits too. That way you are giving your body enough nourishment too.
Bumbley – I am sleepy now.
Coley – Oh, yes. Junk food makes you sleepy and tired too. You can sleep if you want. I am gonna go and play basketball.
Bumbley – Hey, wait for me! I promise, I will eat fruits and veggies too. Because I wanna play and have fun!

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